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A Parent’s Guide For Back To School Season

A Parent’s Guide For Back To School Season

Can you believe it is already that time of year again? Back to school! While your children may be overly excited or even a bit worried about new teachers, new subjects and meeting their friends, the days leading up to the first day back are always busy and stressful. The best way to prepare your children for the new school year is making an organized, well thought-out plan. 


Here’s a list of tips that will help prepare your children for the upcoming school year. 


Use A Calendar

Your children will be better prepared for school when they can visually see what’s to come. A good idea is to hang a calendar in their room and let them mark off each day and each event leading up to their first day of school. They will probably enjoy it so much that they will want to continue using it throughout the school year. 


Start A Bedtime Routine

Children will need some time to get back into the sleeping pattern that they had before summer break started. Parents can introduce the school sleep routine two-three weeks before school starts. By the first day of school they should be waking up with ease.


Back To School Shopping

Plan out a day to go shopping with your children and get all the essentials. Choosing their own school supplies, clothes, backpack and lunch boxes will engage children to take part in the activity and increase their back to school excitement. 


Prepare Lunch Boxes

Packing a special lunch for your children on the first day of school is a great way to show that you’re thinking about them. You can add some of their favorite foods and some healthy options too! 


Find a Buddy

If your child walks or takes the bus to school and there are other children in the neighborhood who go to the same school, talk to the parents and ask them if the kids can walk or ride the bus together. This way kids will feel more comfortable on the way to school and may share their worries with their back to school buddy. 


Talk About Homework

When your child comes home from school every day, sit down with them and have them talk about their day and what homework they have that night. We suggest being around your children when they start their homework to ensure they are not getting distracted and you’ll be there to help if they have questions. 


Talk About Expectations

It is important to ask your children if they have any questions or are unsure about anything. Let them know that other kids will be nervous as well and that teachers will help them feel more comfortable. Going over expectations for the next month or year will help put their mind at ease while they get used to the swing of things. 


As the first day back to school is quickly sneaking up, it’s best to be prepared for you and your children. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Stouffer Realty wishes you and your children a happy back to school season!