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Home Features That Millennial Home Buyers Love

Home Features That Millennial Home Buyers Love

2022 is the year of the Millennial – at least when it comes to home buying. With the oldest of them turning 40, this is a generation ready to put down roots. During the 2021 real estate boom, two-thirds of first-time mortgage applicants were millennials. Now that this generation has its pre-approvals in hand, there are some home features that speak to them. These perks make them more likely to bid on your property-as long as you showcase the home features they love.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been popular for decades. The Environmental Protection Agency began the Energy Star program in 1992 to promote energy-efficient appliances. Today, the concept of conservation is getting an extra boost from millennial homebuyers. New construction has energy-efficient features, like net-zero status. If you have an older home, highlight things like energy-efficient appliances, new windows, insulation, and anything that lowers your greenhouse emissions. Those features also reduce your home's electricity bill. 

The bottom line? Millennials are sticking to a budget when searching for that perfect home, and they like living an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Whirlpool Tubs

The National Home Builders Association found that millennials love whirlpool tubs. It may not be a trend that sticks around, but if you’re selling your home and you have a whirlpool tub, mention it in the listing. Totally unconnected but equally desirable – central kitchen islands with a range. If you have one, highlight it. The younger homebuyers will love it.

His and Hers Bathrooms

Separate bathrooms are very attractive to millennials who aren’t interested in arguing over who’s hogging the sink. If creating two master bathrooms is out of the question, double sinks and extra counter space will go a long way in closing the deal. 

Low-Maintenance Yard

Your home’s curb appeal is what draws potential buyers in to take a look. It’s also a selling point. A messy yard just screams headaches to millennials shopping for a home. It signals long weekends full of yard work.  But if your lawn is thick, healthy, and mowed, and your landscaping is trimmed and weeded, it appears easy to care for.

Better yet? A yard that sustains itself. French drains and retaining walls control erosion. Plants that are native to Ohio, like the black-eyed Susan and the wood poppy, don’t need much TLC. Rock gardens are also eye-catching and don’t need to be watered. 

Home Office

This home feature has taken on a starring role in the last couple of years as more office workers work from home. The labor market shows many workers want to continue to work from home at least part of the time when the number of COVID cases drops. A turnkey home office is a big selling point to buyers who may need to set up wi-fi on day one and hop on a Zoom call. 

2021 was a sizzling hot year for the housing market, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down in 2022!

Article Written By: Barb Ambrose- LawnStarter
Barb Ambrose is a home stager and landscape design writer. She loves entertaining and playing in her backyard, but she despises yard work. She recently expanded her patio and added an outdoor kitchen so she has less grass to mow.