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Must-Have Tips Before Buying a Major Appliance

Must-Have Tips Before Buying a Major Appliance

Have you been going back and forth on purchasing new appliances for your home? Good news, now is the perfect time! There are so many reasons to install new appliances in your home from reducing energy usage to updating your kitchen, but have you thought of how to buy an appliance?  Below are some tips you should consider before making the big purchase.  


Read Reviews 

One of the biggest things you should do before making a large purchase is to read reviews. Your friends, family, and even social media can be a great tool for you to make an educated decision before you purchase. 


Measure, Measure, Measure

Make sure you measure the space that your new appliance will go in.  It is also a good idea to measure any hallways or entryways your appliance will go through.  If you are switching from a gas stove to electric or adding in a dishwasher, make sure you make any necessary changes and access points before you install. 


Read Labels and Fine Print

Consider what you want to get out of your appliance.  Is energy efficiency more important? Do you care about features? Is price a factor?  When you are in the buying process for a new appliance make sure you read the labels and fine print.  You will want to know everything about your new appliance before you make such a big purchase. Do not impulse buy because it looks pretty and shiny in the store.


What Works For Your Lifestyle

If you entertain a lot or have a large family, consider what works for you. You might want to consider an oversized dishwasher or a dishwasher with drawers for those nights with lots of dishes. If baking is your passion, a double wall oven or a separate cooktop and oven might make your kitchen more functional. If going out a lot or having food delivered is more your style, a traditional range and regular, or even apartment size dishwasher would work for you. Consider the location of your new appliances and if noise is a factor. If the dishwasher is right by the family room, a quiet cycle option would be a must-have.



You will also need to know about repairs for your new appliance. If something breaks, how are repairs handled? Can your local handyman fix it if something is broken or does it require parts to be special ordered? It is also a good idea to check if your appliance comes with a warranty and what it includes.  



When replacing one appliance, take in consideration the rest of your appliances. Do you want them all to match? Does it go with your décor or in your future décor if considering a remodel? Do you want all stainless, all colors, and what styles and features? From LCD screens inside the fridge that can control temperature via Wi-Fi, to Bluetooth-enabled devices that give you all power at a distance from your smartphone, there are lots of options. These are all things you will want to consider before purchasing your next appliance.  



Most major appliances have a hefty price tag that you have to pay.  Getting your finances in order before making a purchase is a must. You will want to find out if financing is available, what is your price range, and if you are putting it on a credit card or paying cash.  


If you are in the market for a new appliance, make sure that you do the work to prepare before you purchase.  You wouldn’t want to end up purchasing something you hate or make a pricey mistake. Be sure to do your research and follow these steps!


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