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Relax! It's Labor Day

Relax! It's Labor Day

by Chris Petry

Next Monday, many businesses will remain closed for the day in observance of Labor Day. Labor Day is a federally-recognized holiday, celebrating the hard work of the nation’s citizenry.  While work is nothing new, it was only after the Industrial Revolution that lawmakers, union leaders, and activists began to make headway in advancing policies that prioritized the safety of laborers.
The first Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the late 18th century. Until that point, labor was mostly agricultural. The introduction of machines and mass manufacturing completely redefined how people lived and worked. The entire concept of work, as we understand it today, is a direct result of that technological breakthrough.
As with many holidays, Labor Day was celebrated regionally for years before being signed into law as a federal holiday in the US in 1894, by President Grover Cleveland. At its core, Labor Day is wholly Patriotic, acknowledging the part of labor in the success of The United States of America on the global stage. Underneath, it’s a well-deserved respite for the motivated men and women, who spend their days providing necessary goods and services to their communities and the world beyond.
Labor Day is also viewed as a sort of end to the summer. By the time the three-day weekend arrives, the kids are back in school, mornings are beginning to cool down, and the cultural relics of autumn are dominating store displays and drink menus. Just HOW pumpkin do you want that latte?
It’s Football season. Spirit Halloween is open! In just over a month, the tree line will be gorgeously accentuated by shades of red, orange, and yellow. In most people’s minds, Labor Day is the gateway to all that autumnal fun. Also, the end of white shoes. Don’t you even dare!
All things considered; Labor Day weekend is the beginning of the end of the current year. So, it’s a perfect time to recognize the contributions of workers everywhere, who have toiled all year long to keep things up and running. We all pull our weight. Whether we’re a Senior Partner in a law firm, a receptionist, a farmer, a postal worker, server or barista. This Monday, whether your company observes or not, take a bow. You deserve it.